Who We Are

The shortest version:
Roger Gillott and Eden Gillott Bowe

The shorter version:
Check each of them out at Roger’s LinkedIn and Eden’s LinkedIn.

The short version:
Roger Gillott (1MB)Roger, Founder of Gillott Communications, is known for the breadth and depth of his expertise. He has held high-level positions for more than 30 years. Before founding his own consultancy, Mr. Gillott was a partner at one of the nation’s top strategic communications firms and a senior member of its Crisis Practice. Prior to that, he was a public relations executive for a Fortune 100 company, Occidental Petroleum Corporation. Previously, Mr. Gillott was a highly regarded reporter and editor for The Associated Press and the head of its West Coast news operation for business, economics and labor relations.

He is known for his love for Brooks Brothers suits, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Vanilla Ice Blendeds with whipped cream, and for his daughter that everyone cannot wait to meet!




Eden Eden is President of Gillott Communications. She is a damage control expert and former business professor, and has nearly a decade of Crisis PR expertise. She resolves issues both in and outside the media’s glare — from celebrity scandals and corporate fraud to criminal and civil litigation. Educated in business and communications on three continents, Eden has worked in Manhattan, Seoul, and Los Angeles. She is co-author of A Lawyer’s Guide to Crisis PR (2013) and A Board Member’s Guide to Crisis PR (2016).

Eden has been interviewed about brands in crisis in publications and media outlets such as the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, the Washington Post, Forbes, Eater, the National Federation of Independent Businesses Playbook, PR News, and ReputationManagement.com. Her articles have appeared in Food Quality & Safety Magazine, Food Safety Magazine, Verdict, Attorney@Work and Attorney at Law Magazine: Downtown Los Angeles, and PR Measurement Guidebook. She regularly speaks to bar associations, law firms, CPA firms, and other organizations about protecting a company’s reputation before and during litigation or investigations involving alleged criminal or civil wrongdoing.

She is also known for her love for Brooks Brothers shirts, always being out-of-town, and as the daughter of the aforementioned parent (mostly by the people at Brentwood’s Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and members of ProVisors).

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