Client Praise

[Quotes are real. Identities are generic to protect client confidentiality.]


“Your strategy was brilliant and saved the day. Thank you so much!!!”
~ Business owner after we pre-empted showdown with partner at Board meeting

“In any dispute any time, we make only one call, and that’s to Eden and Roger. You always know what to say, how to say it — and, most important, what not to say. You never miss a beat.”
~ Prominent law firm that represents celebrities

“You’ve become my go-to for everything. Thanks for standing by and helping me through all this.”
~ Labor & Employment “Super Lawyer”

“Wow! Incredibly well done!! This could’ve ended very badly. It’s a testament to all your hard work and sleepless nights.”
~ Board member after potential non-profit financial scandal was defused

“I am so deeply grateful to you and Eden. There’s so much going on for me emotionally in all of this. Everything that needed to be expressed was expressed perfectly. Last night was tough. But I woke up really feeling at peace, because of what we’ve done together. Thank you!”
~ Business owner who loved what we did for them professionally, who now uses us for personal matters too!

“You gave us a direction when we felt lost. That’s value.”
~ Non-profit leader never before caught in a crisis

“I’m so grateful for your help for the peace I have regarding my family. Of course these things can flare up again, but I really have you and Eden to thank for the peace and power achieved. Thank you.”
~ Busy executive who wanted us to bring order to their family chaos

“This is just perfect! Last time the media came asking questions, some Board members talked out of school and really damaged our reputation. We can’t let that happen again.”
~ Nonprofit CEO after we scripted Board on what to say, and not say

“When the bad news breaks, it could get ugly fast. Donors will be very nervous. I have to soothe them, and your Q&A will do that. It anticipates everything.”
~ Head of charity after being prepped to be ready the worst

“Brilliant! I was hoping something like that existed. It’s exactly what I need.”
~ CEO after being told how to create pain for other side in business dispute

“Outstanding job turning a potentially ugly situation into a favorable outcome and keeping the bank out of harm’s way. Anyone facing a tough PR matter will hear only one response from me: ‘Call Roger Gillott.'”
~ Chairman & CEO of a happy client

“We didn’t think it was possible, but you did it. What’s the value of a negative story that never appears? Priceless.”
~ Attorney for client we kept out of the spotlight

“A powerful PR strategist is a lawyer’s best friend in any high-stakes case.”
~ Litigator after winning verdict in high seven figures

“Damn. They brought in a high-powered PR firm from LA. If we don’t do something fast, we’re finished.”
~ Blogger for other side in dispute with non-profit client

“People always say ‘pick your battles.’ But you offer the first worthwhile explanation how to do it.”
~ Lawyer who frequently seeks our advice

“Your advice should be on a brass plaque at the entrance of every corporation so management sees it each day. Words to live by.”
~ Law firm founder about our weekly blog, Insights on High-Stakes PR


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