I’ve got a problem. What next?
Step 1: Explain to us the problem and what you hope to achieve. We’ll  be straight up with you about whether it’s feasible.

If we can help: We all sign an engagement letter through your attorney. 99% of our clients go this route because it provides them protection under attorney/client privilege.

If we can’t help: We’ll point you to someone who can.

Step 2: We gather all the pertinent information and begin work immediately.


I’m not currently having a crisis, but I know something is coming. Can you still help?
Yes. A number of our clients come to us before they have a full-blown crisis. They realize the value of nipping an issue in the bud. We set up an engagement letter to establish attorney/client privilege ahead of time, so it’s already in place and your secrets are protected when a problem occurs.


Thank you for fixing the problem! Can we keep you on an ongoing retainer?
Yes. After we’ve resolved an issue, many clients appreciate keeping us on retainer because they feel safe knowing we’re available to counsel them at the drop of a hat.


I’d just like to call you for advice from time to time. Is this possible?
Yes. We discuss issues you expect may arise, then create a retainer agreement that best fits your needs.


A reporter is calling and wants me to comment. What do I do?
Contact us immediately. Don’t try to “wing it,” because dealing with the media is a slippery and risky slope. We’ll handle it.


How do you bill?
We do what benefits you the most.

Hourly, if it’s an intense and complicated project.

Since we’re often hired for situations that are very intense, time-sensitive, and high-stakes, we usually bill hourly. Our clients feel this is the most fair to them, especially if we resolve the issue quickly.

Monthly Retainer, if you anticipate a predictable amount of work. We work with you to estimate how much time will be required and what the cost will be. This can vary greatly depending on your needs.


How much will it cost?
It depends.

Simple short-term projects may run as low as $2,500. Complex, intense and long-term projects may be $100,000 or more.

Ongoing retainers vary depending on your needs. Clients who need only occasional counsel and work appreciate having retainers as low as $1,000/month because they like knowing they can call and email us any time. Large clients with more extensive needs may require retainers of $10,000 to 15,000/month.


What are the different types of engagement letters?
Through Your Lawyer
This provides you the best protection in sensitive situations where confidentiality and attorney/client privilege are critical. Going through outside counsel provides the most protection, but in-house general counsel also works.

Without A Lawyer
This can be used when you have a non-sensitive issue. We seldom use this version.


Why don’t I engage you myself?
It’s simple: When your lawyer does it, the Crisis PR team cannot be deposed or compelled to share confidential information they’ve learned. Essentially, we become an integral part of the legal team and are brought under the umbrella attorney/client privilege. Preferably, the agreement will be through your outside law firm, but your in-house legal counsel will work also.