What We Do

We’re PR Fixers.

Our clients have described us as a mixture of Olivia Pope, Ray Donovan, Eli Gold, and Cyrano de Bergerac.

We counsel attorneys, companies, nonprofits, executives, and public figures to deal quickly and effectively with sensitive situations that can impact their reputation. In their professional lives and personal lives.

Contrary to popular belief, many our clients come to us for things that aren’t media disasters. Partnership disputes. Non-profit funds gone missing. Executive shakeups. Sexual harassment. Contamination. And just plain sticking your foot in your mouth.

More than half a century of expertise working under intense deadlines to resolve issues both in and outside the media. Always in the strictest of confidence, often without fingerprints.

Some of our greatest successes are ones you never get to read or hear about.

Strategic PR Counsel
We put out brushfires — from legal matters and government investigations … to unwanted media scrutiny and financial upheaval … to soothing employee angst over shifts in how companies conduct their business.

But public relations also must be strategic. We create communications to achieve your long-term objectives. Without this perspective, you may win the battle but risk losing the war.

Reputation is your most valuable asset. Hard to achieve. Easy to lose. And, once lost, very difficult to redeem.

Crises come in all shapes and sizes, and our first priority is to protect your business and reputation. Some of our greatest successes are negative stories you’ll never read.


Outside Communications Director
A perfect alternative to hiring a full-time communications director. We work closely with you to provide internal and external communications.

Oftentimes, a crisis or reputation-damaging issue is the direct result of poor communications (or lack thereof). By effectively communicating with your employees, vendors, investors, donors, community, and the media — you’ll protect your reputation, strengthen your relationships, and grow your business.

Ongoing monthly retainer is scalable to fit your needs.


We define the terms of the debate. If the tone already has been set by the other side, we work with the media and other audiences to redefine it on more favorable terms.

We work side by side with your legal team and develop PR strategies to achieve your goals — whether they are to influence key audiences, mitigate damage, or create a situation conducive to out-of-court settlement.


Media Relations
Working with the media is an essential element of Strategic PR, Crisis & Reputation Management, and Litigation. It lets us tell your story on your terms.

We have a deep understanding of the media: Half a century of expertise in journalism, corporate public relations and strategic communications counsel. This perspective is invaluable in achieving your goals.


Your Secret Voice
Ever wish you had your own Cyrano de Bergerac in your corner?

We do just that. Whether it’s talking points for conference calls and meetings, or ghostwriting emails or text messages when there’s no room for error.

Like a game of chess, there are many moving parts and a long-term strategy that can’t be taken for granted. Say or do something in haste, and you may end up losing all you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

During your emotionally exhausting battles, we hide on the sidelines and guide you through it.

We counsel you on what to say and how to say it, so that you can get what you want.

We’re often brought in to do this for disputes with your business partner, Board of Directors, and even your family.


Crisis Prep & Coaching
It’s not a matter of “if” a make-or-break situation will happen to you. It’s simply a matter of “when.” With all that’s at stake, being prepared is a small investment with a high ROI.

After a crisis happens is no time to be wondering what to do. The first minutes are vital. What you say and do is amplified. Mistakes made early on — a careless word, an erroneous statement, an appearance of confusion — can devastate your reputation and destroy your business.

We develop crisis PR plans and coach your staff in advance so you’ll be ready when you need it.


Selected Expertise
Litigation (Civil & Criminal) White-collar defense Business disputes
Labor & Employment Sexual harassment Wage & hour
Management Changes Partnership disputes Internal power struggles
Financial Fraud Restructuring
Government Investigations SEC FDA
Product Safety Contamination Recall
Family Feuds Estate battles High profile divorces



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