Client Results

Confidentiality Is a Given. Our relationships are built on trust, and trust requires discretion and an assurance of confidentiality. As a matter of policy, we don’t publish a list of clients. Case studies below, sans identities, are a few samples of our expertise, solutions and results:

Problem: The head of large nonprofit organization was under criminal investigation by the IRS. The media was sniffing around, and the nonprofit was terrified it might become public.
Solution: Our staff worked with the media in an effort to sidetrack the story.
Result: Better than hoped. No story was published. Ideal outcome for the client.

Problem: A luxury retailer was the subject of an angry mob of mommies who’d taken to the internet to damage the reputation of the business. What was it over? Breastfeeding.
Solution: We responded directly to the ring-leader’s public Yelp review. Crafting a response that immediately defused the situation. We flagged erroneous comments. We mobilized key influencers within the Facebook Mommy-sphere to defend our client’s actions. And when the media came sniffing, we steered them to our public post of our side of the story. There was never any media coverage.
Result: Not only did we get the false reviews taken down, but the accuser even apologized to business owner and offered to take her negative review down.

Problem: A prominent rock band was embroiled in a trademark dispute with a cable network but couldn’t get traction.
Solution: We took the fight public. Litigation was filed. We generated worldwide news coverage that shined a harsh spotlight on the cable network.
Result: A quick and favorable out-of-court settlement for our client.

Problem: An electric utility was planning major changes in the way it did business and feared it may cause an exodus of worried employees, especially managers in whom it had a lot invested.
Solution: We rolled out the changes in a non-threatening manner and motivated employees to embrace them.
Result: We exceeded expectations. Not only was there no exodus, but normal attrition decreased 50%.

Two companies were engaged in top-level management changes. One took a do-it-yourself approach and the other sought counsel upfront.

Problem: The DIY approach was clumsy and created a media firestorm.
Solution: We were brought in to clean up the mess and worked with the media to shift the spotlight.
Result: We succeeded in quickly replacing initial negative coverage with positive stories about the client’s vision for the future.

Problem: The other client brought us in early to keep the real reason for the change from becoming public.
Solution: We found a positive angle that deflected the media’s inclination to seek “the real back-story.”
Result: Few media carried the story, and those that did were perfunctory or positive. All equally desirable results.

Problem: Clients facing bankruptcy were in danger of losing confidence of vendors, customers and employees. This could have sent them into a death spiral.
Solution: We worked hand in hand with clients’ legal and investment banking teams and created communications that reassured and motivated.
Result: By keeping the confidence of these key audiences, clients were better able avoid liquidation and survive.



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