Bad Holiday Habits

id-100467162Holidays bring out the worst in people, especially in careless driving habits.

As anyone with a set of eyes can see, there’s a significant rise in auto accidents around the holidays. Statistics from government and private organizations routinely issued this time of year prove the obvious.

We’re over-committed. We’re anxious. We’re distracted.

More people pour onto the roads, causing normal stop-and-go congestion to become hectic.

Locals cavalierly whip around turns on The Hills and cruise down the bus-only lane of mid-Wilshire. Mix in a slew of inexperienced out-of-towners attempting to politely negotiate their way onto the 405 from the 10 at the very last moment, and you literally have accidents waiting to happen.

Holidays mean juggling a seemingly endless array of errands, family members who tend to push our buttons unlike anyone else on the planet, and of course clients. There never seems to be enough time before indulging in holiday cheer.

What about us? We often work over the holidays.

It’s not celebrities getting DUIs. It’s people like you and me doing things we know we shouldn’t. We say and do things we regret both in our professional and personal lives.

When people are frazzled or out of control, bad things happen. In all facets of life.

We snap because we’re over-committed. We make mistakes because we’re anxious. We miss details because we’re distracted.

There’s a simple, yet highly effective solution. It’s far from a well-kept secret, but it’s too often overlooked.

Take a deep breath and be patient. It’s worth it. I promise.

If you find yourself caught in a bad situation, an apology goes a long way (as long as you’re sincere).

Be calm. Be collected. Be safe!


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