Creating a Safer World

id-100183615“I protect my clients from their employees,” a labor lawyer explained, summing up how he spends his days.

“Interesting,” chimed in a Crisis PR strategist. “We protect ours from everyone — including from themselves.”

The same is true for virtually all professions: They’re protecting from something.

Tax attorneys (from paying more than necessary). Investment bankers (from overpaying for acquisitions or selling for too little). Forensic accountants (from being stolen from). Business consultants (from operating inefficiently or not seizing opportunities to grow the company and increase profits).

The relationship is symbiotic.

There’s an old saying: A wise man knows what he knows. A wiser man knows what he doesn’t know — and surrounds himself with those who do.

That’s why clients value what their advisors bring to the table.

Why include strategic communications? Isn’t that just stringing a few words together?

If only life were so simple. The path from the start of a problem to the solution isn’t a peaceful Sunday stroll in the park. It’s circuitous, often long, and always filled with pitfalls and tripwires that could devastate you or your business.

Knowing how to sidestep those traps and what’s needed to achieve your goal is the real skill. The strategy to get you there is overarching, and words are only a small part of it. But knowing the right words is a challenge.

What’s to keep a client from taking any consultant’s proposals, then implementing the ideas themselves?

A colleague, who advises businesses how to up their game, answered with a sports analogy: You can draw someone a diagram of how to swing a golf club, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be able to hit the ball.


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