Nothing mystical about foresight. Pay attention to what’s happening around you.

Nothing mystical about foresight.
Pay attention to what’s around you.

“Once today is gone, tomorrow can only look back in sorrow at warnings ignored.”
~ Rod Serling, Twilight Zone, 1964

It’s a timeless rule for all aspects of life, professional and personal.

Let nothing slide by, or it’s gone forever. Watching in the moment is okay; you can react in real time. Foreseeing is better; you have an opportunity to alter the course of events.

Nothing mystical about foresight. It’s just paying attention to what’s happening around you. When you do, you’ll be aware of the undercurrents that bode well or ill for your future.

An opportunity to expand your business, by organic growth or acquisition. Or a potential major new donor for your non-profit, who needs just a tad more enticing to make the commitment.

On the flip side, not noticing the first hints of a new technology or realizing how much a newcomer will disrupt your market niche. Or the growth of your non-profit has flat-lined or members of your Board are planning a mass exodus.

How do you seize opportunities for growth? Andy Grove was a master at identifying inflection points before they became apparent, and that let him transform Intel into the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductors. The answer: communicate your vision so it’s compelling.

This is the intersection where you cross over from marketing PR (helping you sell goods and services) into the realm of strategic communications & reputation management (defining and projecting your vision).

How do you defend against challenges and prosper from them? There are dangers to resting on your laurels.

What’ll happen if you fail to anticipate industry-changing events? You’ll stumble and struggle. Worst case, you sink into irrelevance or bankruptcy. The answer: Be aware, and you won’t be surprised. Be creative, and you can influence the future. Be compelling in how you communicate, and you will lead.

“Because Reputation Is Your Most Valuable Asset”

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