Clarity & Trust

In order to gain a client's trust,you can't miss the target.

In order to earn a client’s trust,
you can’t miss the target.

Why do some clients return again and again?

Because Fixers are alchemists who turn chaos into clarity. They’ve earned their clients’ trust. They become indispensable members of the clients’ inner circle.

Sometimes it’s all business. Disputes between partners. Intrigue in the corporate boardroom. Companies being investigated by government agencies or being sued by customers or employees. Power struggles within nonprofits, between volunteers and between donors.

Other times it spills over to the personal. Disputes within families, especially the rich and powerful. Power struggles within your HOA or country club.

It’s always about communication. Defining the problem. Settling on a preferred and achievable goal. Developing a strategy to get there. Implementing it, subtly or blatantly as needed.

So many factors need to be weighed and balanced.  What will be the effect if you do “A”? How differently will it turn out if you do “B”?

So much is at stake. In money. In pride. Or both. The only thing absent is room for error.

Recently, a colleague was discussing a client we had in common. Years separated our involvement, but the story remained the same.

“They’re like children. Or spouses who can no longer stand each other,” she observed. “They each insist on total victory for themselves and total defeat for the other. Zero-sum.” I nodded.

Rarely are clients so entrenched. Rather, they want reassurance. They want the comfort of knowing someone will sift through the confusion, set aside emotion and keep them on track.

In the end, they will embrace a solution that lets each side feel vindicated and requires neither to admit defeat.

Do that — and do it well — and the clients return. Because you’re offering more than communications. You’re providing solutions to their most worrisome problems.


“Because Reputation Is Your Most Valuable Asset”

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4 thoughts on “Clarity & Trust

  1. B”H

    Excellent post, as always. “Affect” should be “Effect.”

    On Sunday, December 13, 2015, Gillott Communications | Protecting Your Reputati

  2. Great piece. Lawyers see the same recurring characters that you do. Some people keep coming back because some people don’t change and some people don’t learn — — and sometimes both are the same person.

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