Winning Is Everything

In Crisis PR, never losecontrol ... or you lose.

In Crisis PR, never lose
control … or you lose.

“Never lose focus, or you lose control. Lose control, and you lose.”

~ The ultimate adage of Crisis & Reputation Management

In Catholic middle school, a nun scolded the basketball coach, “You’re winning by too much. Let the other side score some points so they won’t feel bad.”

Years later, popular educational mantra shifted from competition to cooperation. Everybody got a ribbon for participating, no matter how poorly they performed. Everybody felt warm and fuzzy.

But that concept never really fit in the real world. Without the competitive edge, results slip.

  • “Missed it by that much!” That one-liner was always good for laugh for Agent 86 in Mel Brooks’ TV spy parody Get Smart in the late 1960s. It doesn’t work for a CFO explaining to investors why earnings were below expectations.
  • “We tried our best, but….” This is the last thing a CEO wants to tell his Board when the company’s newest gee-whiz gadget or fashion apparel line flops after he assured them it would be a trend-setter and generate blockbuster sales.
  • “There’s been a little problem in accounting.” Not the way anyone wants to begin a conversation, especially if you need to explain how someone has been skimming money and shifting it to their offshore banks.

This is time for serious finesse. Those in the hot seat need to reassure that a one-time financial slip doesn’t define the future, that the next product in the pipeline has great prospects, that the missing funds aren’t material but every avenue is being pursued to recover them.

To set the tone, they turn to those who do it for a living — to Crisis & Reputation Management. And they demand nothing less than success. You deliver it. Or the next person will.

That’s why winning isn’t an option. It’s the only option.


“Because Reputation Is Your Most Valuable Asset”

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