Making Your Own Luck

 Success in Crisis PR? Measuring a negative.

Success in Crisis PR?
Measuring a negative.

Many truisms are passed from one generation to the next. Simple rules designed to guide you through life smoothly.

One stands out as especially true in any phase of life and business: Luck doesn’t happen. You create it, by creating novel ideas, by keen insights, and by hard work.

Crisis & Reputation Management is no exception.

Start with insight.

At its foundation, Crisis PR is about understanding what motivates people. What is your client really trying to achieve. Why? And the other side: What is their goal and rationale? (Your client may not even realize, and the other side may be unwilling to admit it.)

As a colleague observed, “I never imagined my minor in psychology would be so valuable.”

  • What’s at the root of a dispute between business partners — money, power, pride, or all of the above?
  • Why did an executive allow finances to get into disarray — sloppiness, simple oversight, or wishful thinking that more revenue would magically appear?
  • What about a lawsuit? Is it to right a wrong, to get even, or to extract an apology?
  • Why are some companies and families so dysfunctional?

Answer these, then you’re able to build a strategy that actually works. The more novel, the better. Because different situations demand different solutions.

Is it best to confront accusations directly? To seize the offensive? To pre-empt your opponent? Which weapons in your arsenal will best achieve your goal? Use what you need, and no more.

Hard work is a given. But how do you define it?

In Crisis PR, it’s not a measure of physical activity. Seldom is it a measure of how often your name appears in print (unless you’re trying to generate media attention as leverage against the other side). More often, it’s a measure of how rarely your name is mentioned. It’s proving a negative.


“Because Reputation Is Your Most Valuable Asset”

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