Hard Facts, Soft Feelings

Media's power is immense. Use it to your advantage.

Media’s power is immense.
Use it to your advantage.

Regardless of what economists say, pundits prefer their own definition of economic hard times:

“A recession is when your neighbor is unemployed. A depression is when you are.”

It’s simple. It’s pithy. It’s memorable. It’s based on your awareness of the moment, not on statisticians sifting through numbers after the fact.

Case in point regarding timeliness: Not until mid-November — halfway through the fourth quarter, did economists decide that Japan had slipped into recession during the third quarter.

Nice to know. No surprise to those living through it.

Hard facts provide comfort to those who track such things. Soft feelings — perceptions — matter most to the public, and they must be dealt with immediately.

For those enduring any situation, the ultimate questions are, “Can you fix it?” and “How fast?”

Economy in the tank? Your finances in shambles? Beset by legal challenges?

Blame the politicians in power. (That’s always a safe default).

Then call your lawyer and financial advisor. (They’re your closest counselors.) One of their first calls will be for Crisis & Reputation Management help.

There’s almost always a story to tell. Doesn’t matter if you want to avoid the limelight. Assure a skeptical public. Turn a lemon into lemonade. Or stir the pot to generate unflattering news about the other side so they see the wisdom of settling.

Examples are legion.

~ A nonprofit under criminal investigation by a powerful government agency and terrified that it might become public.

~ A developer who was getting pushback and needed to convince neighbors his project would be a boon, not a bane.

~ A company that bungled a boardroom shuffle, then brought in Crisis PR help to shift the media’s attention.

~ A popular band and a church, in separate cases, that used litigation as a bludgeon to bring the other side to their knees.

The media has immense power. Use it to your advantage.


“Because Reputation Is Your Most Valuable Asset”

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