When we do our job well, it is the best of times.

One-size fits-all never
fits anyone in Crisis PR.

Routine has a bad reputation. Deservedly. It conjures images of people slogging through their jobs and lives. The only goal is to get to the end so they can do it again the next day.

But there’s a flip side, too often overlooked. It lets people organize the “routine” in their lives so they can focus on the creative, from achieving the most personally to running a successful business to giving clients the entire 110% of your attention they want and deserve.

No need to fuss with what to wear, where you keep your papers, what’s on your calendar. When the wake-up alarm rings, you’re up and out the door. No hesitation. No doubts.

Small things can tip the balance. Too many stacks of paper (for the inherently disorganized). Moving into a new office (where is that file??). Everything takes longer, if it gets done at all.

Annoying, but these seem like child’s play compared to big disruptions — those so far outside the norm to qualify as “black swans.”

No shortage of examples:

  • A small food packager who’d been winning shelf space from big competitors until a consumer claimed he found a contaminant in one bag and called the local TV station.
  • A prominent nonprofit whose leader came under criminal investigation, and word leaked out to major news organization.
  • A dust-up with a large social media outlet about permissible content.

The first two struck directly at the heart of reputation. The last threatened a lucrative part of the company’s business model.

For all, the questions were the same: “Can we fix this?” “How?” “How fast?”

Nothing routine about these situations. Nor about solutions. In Crisis & Reputation Management, one-size-fits-all never fits anyone.

Examine the facts and the nuances in each case. Learn everything about the players: Who’s credible? Who’s not? Can the media be worked with, or have they already made up their mind?

Then develop the strategy that will win. This, after all, is the only metric that counts.


“Because Reputation Is Your Most Valuable Asset”

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Photo courtesy of freedigitialphotos.net


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