Size Matters. So Does Foresight.

Life is constantly shifting.Success needs vision & skill.

Life is constantly shifting.
Success needs vision & skill.

FedEx made it clear this week, and UPS is expected to follow suit: Size matters. Delivery costs will be based on bulkiness, not just weight. Prices will rise for one-third of all packages.

The decision sent tremors through the e-commerce industry. Suddenly it will be costlier to send everyday items that have become staples for so many online shoppers — from shoes, cereal and toys to diapers and toilet paper.

Who’ll absorb the expense? Consumers (who won’t be happy and may consider other options)? Or e-tailers (who are loathe to cut into their bottom line)?

Consumers have become addicted to shopping online. No muss, no fuss. Quick and easy. Prices are generally lower than brick-and-mortar retailers. Best of all, shipping is often free. Or was.

For years, e-commerce also enjoyed an advantage over traditional retailers because online sellers didn’t assess sales tax. But that advantage, too, is being whittled away.

The lesson: Enjoy the good times while they’re here. They won’t last forever. Those who survive will be those with the keenest foresight — who see change coming and prepare for it.

It isn’t prescience. It’s paying attention. It’s also a matter of emphasis: Beware of letting yourself become mired in daily routine. That’s the enemy of big thoughts.

It’s true for the CEO who reshapes his firm’s strategy for a future competitors don’t yet recognize. It’s also true for the Crisis & Reputation Management person who spots early warning signs while they’re simmering below the surface, then deftly moves his client out of harm’s way.

The strategist tells you where you need to go. The tactician tells you how to get there. The larger the organization, the more likely these roles are separate. The smaller, the more they are blended.

But lacking either is a recipe for failure. To succeed, you need both vision and skill.


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