Knowing what sells to the media gives you a fighting chance

Knowing what sells to the media
gives you a fighting chance

Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never is, but always to be, blest.
  ~ Alexander Pope, 18th century English poet

By nature, people prefer to be optimistic. They’re also inclined to be gullible. Tell them what they want to hear, and they will be happy. That takes less effort than being analytical and thinking too hard.

That lesson isn’t lost on those whose job it is to sway opinion: Politicians (with an agenda to sell). Pastors (with a dogma to instill). Businessmen (with products and services to peddle). Those who do Crisis & Reputation Management (with clients to protect).

The rules are simple: Define your audience. Sharpen the message so it resonates. Deliver it smoothly and persuasively.

In Crisis PR there’s an additional aspect, equally important: Make no mistakes. The slightest error can send a situation into a tailspin — and with it, the client’s reputation.

The media is your initial audience, and through it, the public. You need to understand what’s important to a journalist, and never lose sight of it.

A good fight sells. Sexual harassment. Wrongful discharge. Official malfeasance. Fraud. Litigation. Government investigation of a company or nonprofit. Data breach. Product contamination or recall.

As a rule, the media will take the plaintiff’s side. First, because journalists favor the underdog. Second, because the plaintiffs are providing the fuel the media needs to keep its story alive.

That’s why what the “target” says in his defense receives less attention or is treated dismissively. There’s a presumption of guilt. It’s also why, even if allegations are found untrue, the media won’t let go. It will revive the allegations and intimate that “the real facts” weren’t fully considered.

It’s essential to know what’s realistically achievable, and what isn’t. That’s the first step in building an effective defense.


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