Betting the Farm

“Bet-the-farm” PR is fun. Sound a bit perverse? Perhaps. But consider the source.

Crisis & Reputation Management is an exclusive club. Few really do it well, and they thrive on tension, brinkmanship and high stakes.

Range of issues is endless. But “betting the farm” lets you shine brightest.
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What makes ’em tick and sets ’em apart? They’re the calmest persons in the room. They handle stress well and never lose focus or composure. They always remain in control. They’re adrenaline junkies.

Recently over a glass of wine, an insightful lawyer was comparing those who do high-stakes PR with professional athletes. “They make it look easy,” he explained. “It really isn’t. But they’re just so good that it seems like it.”

The terms Crisis Management and Reputation Management both have shortcomings. Neither adequately expresses the full scope of what they do.

“Crisis” sounds too serious, too apocalyptic. Some potential clients shy away for this reason alone. “Reputation” is more palatable but vague.

The distinction between them is really just a matter of degree. It’s a continuum. Every crisis affects a client’s reputation. Not everything that affects reputation is necessarily a full-blown crisis. That’s why there’s a tendency of late to define the niche more broadly as Crisis & Reputation Management.

The range of issues is endless. Essentially, anything that can affect a client’s business or
reputation. From government investigations to civil and criminal litigation. From financial
turmoil to employment matters. Everything in between.

But it’s the “bet-the-farm” matters that get the juices flowing and let you shine the brightest.


“Because Reputation Is Your Most Valuable Asset”

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